Congratulations to our teams for a great 2018 season.  

Our teams received Diamond, Extreme Platinum, High Platinum, Platinum, Elite High Gold and Gold Placements at competitions this year.  Our teams also placed in Overall top awards/or received the Overall Top Score at the following competitions:  Boogie Fever Dance, On Point, Star Systems, and EPIC Dance Showcase. The Studio also won Division Champions in the Junior Age Group.  A special Congratulations to Miss Lilly Beaver for capturing the titles of Miss On Point, Miss Star Systems, and Miss Energy. 

Our teams also held a fund raiser this past January for the Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Hospital at Northeast Medical Center and raised $2000.00 for the foundation. They also collected coloring books, crayons, and chapter books for the patients at the children’s hospital. The competition teams have raised a total of $25,000.00 over the years for the children’s hospital.  

​If you are interested in being a part of one of our Competition Teams for the upcoming season, the times are listed below  for the Summer Session Class times for those groups. Dancers will learn the necessary technique for the class during this 5 week session. There will also be an Audition Workshop/Boot Camp August 13 & 14 and Team Auditions on August 16.

​​​Team Technique Classes begin the week of June 18

If you are interested in participating in team technique, please contact us with the form to the right and list the team that is of interest to you.

Our Team Suggested Ages are:

Royal All Stars - 6-8 years of age

Dazzling Stars - 9-11 years of age

Shining Stars - 11-13 years of age

Superstars - 13 years of age and up

​Royal All Stars – Suggested Ages 6-8 – 5 Week Session $150
4:30-5:10 Royal All Stars Tap Technique
5:15-5:40 Royal All Stars Ballet Technique
5:45-6:25 Royal All Stars Jazz Skills

6:30-7:10 Royal All Stars– Conditioning/Flexibility

Dazzling Stars – Suggested Ages 8-11 – 5 Week Session $150
6:30-7:10 Dazzling Stars – Conditioning/Flexibility
7:15-7:55 Dazzling Skills
8:00-8:40 Dazzling Tap Technique

6:00-6:30 Dazzling Ballet

Shining Stars – Suggested Ages 11-13 – 5 Week Session $160
5-5:40 Conditioning/Flexibility Shining Stars
7:15-7:55 Shining Stars Jazz Skills

Thursday (These classes move to Tuesdays starting July 24 & will meet 1 Wednesday, August 1)

6-6:40 Shining Stars Tap Technique  (Combined with Superstars Class for the first 2 weeks)
6:45-7:40 Shining Stars Ballet Technique (Combined with the Superstars for the first 2 weeks)

Superstars – Suggested Ages 13 & Up – 5 Week Session $160
5-5:40 Flex/Conditioning Shining & Superstars
8:00-8:40 Superstars Jazz Skills

(These classes move to Tuesdays starting July 24 & will meet 1 Wednesday, August 1)
6-6:40 Shining Stars Tap Technique  (Combined with Superstars Class for the first 2 weeks)

6:45-7:40 Shining Stars Ballet Technique (Combined with the Superstars for the first 2 weeks)

2018 Team Summer Technique Information is Listed Below.

​The competition teams are auditioned groups divided that are divided by age.  These students usually attend classes 3 to 5 hours per week.  These classes are by audition only.

The classes and age groups are listed 

Our competition teams have won numerous Regional Overall Titles as well as National Champions.  Our teams have performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Florida Citrus Bowl Half-Time Show, Walt Disney World, Carnival Cruise Lines, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington DC, and the Walt Disney World ABC-TV Christmas Parade. 

Competition Teams

Boogie Fever 2017 National Super

Grand Champions 12 & Under Division

Boogie Fever 2017 National Grand Champions 8 & Under Division


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