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Studio Dress Code 

Technique Class Attire: The dancers may wear any color of leotard  with dance shorts or leggings. Tights, Capri tights, or convertible tights are required with leotards and dance shorts. Dancers in the Classes Ages 2-6 may also wear a skirted dance dress with tights.  Dancers in the 7 & Up Age Groups may also wear "Fitted" dance tops with leggings or fitted dance shorts with tights.

You are welcome to purchase these items at Walmart, Academy, Kohls, etc.

We Encourage Modesty - No midriffs should be shown at any time.

Acro class students may wear a leotard with dance shorts or a biketard. No shoes or tights

If you need to purchase shoes, you may do so at Lebos or online at Discount Dance.

The requirements for shoes are as follows:

Ages 2-6

Ready “2” Dance (2-3 year olds) – pink leather Ballet shoes with pre-sewn elastic  (NO Draw string) 

Twinkle Stars (4 year olds)– pink leather Ballet shoes pre-sewn elastic (NO Draw string) & tan VELCRO buckle Tap shoes (We use the Velcro Tap shoe, so students can get shoes changed more quickly and easily.)

 Tiny Stars (5 & 6 year olds) – pink leather Ballet shoes Pre-sewn elastic (NO Draw string), tan VELCRO buckle Tap shoes(We use the Velcro Tap shoe, so students can get shoes changed more quickly and easily.)

Discount Dance:


Pink Leather NO Drawstring Ballet shoe

Tan Velcro Tap Shoe

Ages 7 & Up

Future Stars (7 & 8 year olds) – pink leather Ballet shoes NO Draw String , tan Jazz Shoes, tan Buckle Tap shoes

Shooting Stars (9 & 10 year olds)- pink leather Ballet shoes, tan Jazz shoe, black lace Tap oxford

Junior (11 – 13 year olds) – pink leather Ballet shoes, tan Pirouettes for jazz and Lyrical, black laceTap oxford

 Senior (14 & Up) – pink leather Ballet shoes, Pirouettes for Jazz & Lyrical, black lace Tap oxfords

 All Hip Hop classes – black and white converse Chuck Taylor style

Discount Dance:



***Competition Teams have specific shoe requirements and dance attire that is not included in the list of these requirements.